PRECOS Showcased Preclinical Oncology Service Portfolio at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2013  
5/1/2013 11:30:37 AM

NOTTINGHAM, UK - Preclinical Oncology Services Limited (PRECOS), a leading pre-clinical research and development service provider with a specific focus on oncology, unveiled its new PUMA platform for preclinical oncology research at the AACR (American Association of Cancer Research) Annual Meeting, which took place on April 6th – 10th 2013, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

In addition to unveiling its new PUMA platform, PRECOS ran four poster presentations at the show covering a range of preclinical research studies. This year’s meeting carried the theme of “Personalized Cancer Care Through Discovery Science” and brought the finest minds in cancer research to the American capital. Senior scientific staff from PRECOS were on hand to discuss the company’s expanding portfolio of cancer models in relation to scientists’ specific oncology drug discovery and biomarker study requirements.

PRECOS leads the way in providing robust models, validated against today’s Standard of Care agents to enable pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo testing of the next generation of oncology drug candidates. PRECOS launched a new cutting-edge service and portfolio of models at the North American show which may help in the development of drugs used to prevent or overcome resistance to treatment in cancer patients. The company provides expertise, specialism and innovation to small to medium biotechnology companies and the new platforms will support new and existing projects going forward.

The following posters were presented, and reprints are available from

• In vivo generation of EGFR-TKI resistance in a patient-derived xenograft (PDX) with an activating EGFR mutation (L858R), and molecular characterisation of the resistance mechanisms

At the show PRECOS will highlighted how using a novel patient-derived NSCLC xenograft model, driven by the L858R EGFR mutation, PRECOS set out to recapitulate the reported clinical routes of resistance to EGFR inhibitors and to evaluate if additional mechanism could also be identified.

• In vivo response and molecular characterisation of a NSCLC squamous cell carcinoma PDX model exhibiting reproducible sensitivity to FGFR inhibitors

PRECOS addressed LION137 which is a novel patient-derived NSCLC SCC xenograft model with reproducible FGFRi-sensitivity which is directly relevant to the clinical setting. This model could be invaluable in assessing novel agents targeting the FGFR pathway and in the development of new combination strategies which may prevent or overcome resistance.

• Patient-derived xenograft models reveal a subset of clinically relevant squamous non-small cell lung cancers that respond to targeted EGFR inhibition

PRECOS shed light on the proposition that a significant subset of NSCLC patients with squamous histology may benefit from treatment with targeted EGFR inhibitors. It claims that its LION SCC models could be valuable for biomarker studies to identify the basis of the EGFR inhibitor responder subset and for evaluating new agents in a more clinically relevant setting.

• In vivo oncology target screening using a lentiviral inducible- shRNA knockdown system

PRECOS provided an insight on how to optimise a lentiviral inducible-knockdown small hairpin RNA (shRNA) system for efficient in vivo cancer target validation, using polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1), an essential cell-cycle protein, as a proof-of-concept target.

Dr Neil Rotherham, chairman of the PRECOS board comments, “We are committed to developing novel panels of models, including resistance models to support drug discovery and the development of the next generation of therapeutic agents to treat resistance. AACR is a great platform to showcase our expanding portfolio of solutions designed to meet oncology research and development needs.”

The AACR Annual Meeting 2013 examined the latest and most exciting discoveries in every area of cancer research and provided a unique opportunity for investigators from all over the world to meet and forge collaborations. Speakers at the event provided case studies of emerging targets in order to address some of the issues surrounding target-based drug discovery and development. PRECOS’ full service offering was highlighted at AACR 2013, including its in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo services that are matched by advanced model development and imaging services to enable PRECOS to provide a uniquely comprehensive and custom service to its clients, from concept to final result.

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About PRECOS Ltd

PRECOS Ltd. is a flexible pre-clinical research and development service with a specific focus on oncology, with an established track record in providing expert support to direct cancer drug development projects from concept to clinic. PRECOS evaluates the innovative cancer medicines of the future in patient-relevant models to ensure that pre-clinical efficacy assessment is predictive of how the drug is likely to behave in clinical trials with cancer patients. The PRECOS team of expert scientists assist in the selection and execution of appropriate analytical systems by a staged approach of in vitro studies, in vivo model development, subsequent in vivo mechanistic and therapeutic evaluations and post-study analyses, all conveyed with added value through specialist scientific interpretation of the data. PRECOS scientists apply cutting-edge technology and ideas to individual research programmes and delivers a flexible, tailored approach to all research objectives, whether a one-off service or a complete research programme.

PRECOS, an acronym of Pre-Clinical Oncology Services, was officially launched as a specialist business unit of the University of Nottingham (UK) in 2004. PRECOS evolved from the research expertise of the Division of Pre-clinical Oncology (formerly Academic Unit of Cancer Studies), which had successful collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the UK, EU, US and Japan for over a decade. For further information:

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