Hugo Sachs Elektronik's New Isolated Heart Systems Guide  
5/1/2013 11:18:28 AM

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May 01, 2013 -- Hugo Sachs Elektronik, a Harvard Apparatus Company, is happy to announce the NEW Isolated Heart Perfusion Systems Guide featuring the newest breakthrough in turnkey isolated heart systems: the Biventricular Working Heart System.

Key Benefits include:

• Assessment of External Heart Work on both Right and Left Heart

• Physiological Afterload Setting with No High Water Columns

• Cardiac Electrophysiology with ECG and MAP

• Most Physiologically Relevant Isolated Heart Preparation

• In-depth Ex vivo Studies of Cardiac Effects of Pulmonary Disease

Recently published in the Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE), this system is the first ever Biventricular Working Heart System based on the exclusive Hugo Sachs Solid State Physiological Perfusion technology.

Hugo Sachs Elektronik/Harvard Apparatus has always provided top-notch, fully-integrated physiology research systems. For two decades the Hugo Sachs Elektronik IH-Series of Isolated Heart Systems has been the gold standard for cardiac physiology measurements in both Langendorff and Working Heart perfusion modes.

Continuing its tradition of innovation and high performance, they are happy to unveil the newly configured line of Isolated Perfused Heart Systems for rodent models from mouse to rabbit, including the ex vivo Isolated Perfused Heart Preparation - the most commonly used assay for ex vivo drug discovery/screening and characterization. These new systems are all featured in the new Isolated Heart Perfusion Systems guide.

From cardiac electrophysiology and ischemia/reperfusion to basic physiology and cardiomyocyte isolation, the new guide will streamline the process of configuring the right isolated heart perfusion system for your application.

Included in the guide are more detailed descriptions of systems, a variety of application-based options, and full sets of references for the most popular systems, all for the purpose of providing the information required in order to simplify the equipment purchase.

Hugo Sachs Elektronik - Harvard Apparatus is a global developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative and specialized products to enhance bioresearch.

For more information contact:

Harvard Apparatus

84 October Hill Road

Holliston , Massachusetts 01746

Toll Free: 800-272-2775

Phone: 508-893-8999

Fax: 508-429-5732




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