Nanosonics: Strong Endorsement for Trophon EPR by Scripps Clinic  
4/12/2013 10:13:01 AM

April, 2013 -- Nanosonics Limited's (ASX:NAN) lead product, trophon EPR , has been installed in select sites across the US-based Scripps Health network where the first-in-class ultrasound probe decontamination technology has been endorsed as "ground-breaking".

Scripps is a $2.6 billion private, non-profit, integrated health system in San Diego, California that treats 500,000 patients annually at facilities that include five acute-care hospital campuses and 24 outpatient centers and clinics. It is internationally recognised, and has consistently ranked amongst the top tier in US medical facilities.

Scripps has installed 21 trophon EPR devices as part of its initial roll out at its Scripps Clinic sites, and has plans to introduce significantly more of the devices, as it transitions from a manual to a fully-automated process for the high level disinfection of ultrasound probes.

Eric Rosenberg, Manager of the Scripps' Gooding Imaging Center in San Diego, said the move reflected a commitment to maintaining the highest standards in infection control.

"Scripps is focused on remaining a leader in making improvements in healthcare through the use of innovative technology," Mr Rosenberg said.

"We are in the process of converting most sonography high level disinfection of endovaginal probes from a manual Cidex/OPA cleaning process to an automated high level disinfection cleaning process.

"We have selected the trophon EPR device to achieve this goal."

Mr Rosenberg said the transition to trophon EPR had improved efficiency of cleaning processes, created more standardisation and eliminated non-value added variation, and also reduced chances for human error. Importantly, trophon EPR had "reduced exposure to harsh chemicals previously used during the manual cleaning process".

Candace Goldstein, Clinical Educator for Scripps Clinic, also highlighted trophon EPR's automated record generation, and internal system monitors, which had taken "our practice of disinfection to a whole new level".

"As the clinical educator for a multi-site clinic system, I am continually looking for ways to improve work flow, reduce potential exposures to our staff of sonographers, and upgrade our disinfection process in the interest of providing the best patient care," Ms Goldstein said.

"The trophon EPR is ground-breaking, and gives an ultrasound department its first technology- driven disinfection process."

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Nanosonics chief executive Dr Ron Weinberger said the purchase by Scripps Clinic was an example of growing awareness of trophon EPR among leading healthcare facilities and in a key US market.

"We welcome this endorsement of our technology from Scripps Health, which is a leading health system committed to the highest standards of patient care," Dr Weinberger said.

"This is a very good example of how the GE/Nanosonics partnership, working closely with a motivated customer, can transform user and patient care and improve safety. We will continue to work with Scripps to increase the roll out of trophon EPR across their broader network."

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