Aris Global, LLC Adds Outstanding New Features and Functionalities in the Latest Version of agInquirer™  
4/5/2013 10:45:21 AM

STAMFORD, CT—April 5, 2013— ArisGlobal, a leading provider of IT solutions to the life sciences industry, today announced the availability of the latest release of agInquirer – an advanced solution for global medical information management.

Packed with several additional features, agInquirer 3.1 enhances flexibility in handling medical inquiries for ArisGlobal’s rapidly expanding customer base. The new release empowers life sciences organizations to optimize medical information management process by reducing manual efforts.

“With the globalization of medical affairs, medical information teams are being inundated with numerous enquiries of varying complexity. As such, it is essential to balance workload for faster turnaround time and efficient handling,” said Simon Sparkes, Senior Vice President and Head of the Medical Information Business Unit. "agInquirer’s workflow automation functionality along with the new rule builder and agent calendar helps streamline the medical inquiry handling process using its intuitive distribution of the workload based on priority, staff availability and expertise. We are confident that this release represents a major milestone in medical inquiry handling”.

With a fast growing user base, the release of agInquirer 3.1 further demonstrates ArisGlobal’s continued commitment to deliver an integrated platform for Medical Information and Safety.

The latest release offers superior user experience, improved flexibility in managing medical inquiries while reducing training requirements. The business benefits of the new release include:

• Optimal utilization of internal Medical Information resources through automated workflow assignment to effectively route and assign inquiry and response tasks

• Ability to define rules to automate various manual tasks with integrated rule builder

• Increased agility in building reports eliminating the need to learn new technology or dependency on IT departments

• Improved efficiency in tracking and follow-up of priority activities based on product/therapeutic areas using agent calendar

• Faster access to vast knowledgebase with user-driven flexible search capability

• Elimination of redundant data creation with free text searching of responses and documents to get specific / additional information on responses to similar inquiries

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