KD Scientific, Inc. Release: Now Evaporate Without Bumping!  
4/2/2013 11:14:31 AM

April 02, 2013 -- The NEW Centrifan™ PE Evaporator/Concentrator from KD Scientific is a small volume evaporator that eliminates the problem of bumping using patented SBT (Self blowdown technology). SBT allows solvent drying using heated, circulating gas flow and NO VACUUM PUMP!

The Centrifan™ PE dries solvents directly in the vial, increasing evaporation efficiency in your laboratory. Features and Benefits:

• Easy-to-Use - No Monitoring

• Quick Set-Up - Put in the Samples and close the cover

• Small Footprint

• Dry Directly in Vials

• Cost Effective



• Organic Compound Evaporation

• Cold Room Evaporator

• Toxic & Radio Labeled compounds

• Dichoromethane, Chloroform, DMSO & Oil Polymers

• Protein Purification

• Lyophilization, Dissolved Minerals & Crystal Growth

In the Centrifan™ PE samples are dried in 20ml scintillation or other common vials and there is no need for a vacuum pump or a large supply of blow-down gas. This protects samples from loss and captures toxic vapors and materials in a closed system.

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