RetroSense Therapeutics Announces Exclusive Option to Intellectual Property Covering Vision Augmentation From Massachusetts General Hospital  
3/27/2013 10:53:53 AM

ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RetroSense Therapeutics ( announced today that it has entered into an option agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital under which RetroSense has the right to an exclusive, worldwide license to the patent application "Method for Augmenting Vision in Persons Suffering from Photoreceptor Cell Degeneration". RetroSense is a biotechnology company dedicated to developing gene therapy approaches to vision restoration. The optioned patent application centers on methods for restoring or improving vision using optogenetic approaches. The research, focused on a protein known as melanopsin, was conducted by Richard Masland, PhD, director of the Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory in the MGH Department of Neurosurgery.