Week in Review: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)'s CEO Says Science Drives Company's Collaborations  
3/25/2013 10:06:18 AM

by Richard Daverman, PhD

March 23, 2013 -- In an exclusive ChinaBio® Today interview, Dr. Jun Wang, CEO of BGI, said the sequencing company is “dream-driven,” always seeking to fulfill the promise of genomic science; BGI closed its $118 million acquisition of US-based Complete Genomics last week; Roche Holding stepped up as one of the bidders for lab equipment-maker Life Technologies; Hony Capital will support Simcere’s $506 million management-led privatization offer; OriGene of Maryland raised $21.3 million in a funding led by two China-focused venture funds; BGI and H3 Biomedicine of Cambridge will collaborate to sequence pre-clinical cancer models; Lilly officially opened the Lilly Global IT Innovations Lab in Dalian; Taiwan Liposome’s innovative liver cancer drug was accepted into the SFDA’s Green Path program; Amoy Diagnostics, an Xiamen IVD company, was OK’d to market a test for genetic abnormalities that affect lung cancer treatment; and Antisense of Australia will have Pharmaron conduct a toxicology study of its multiple sclerosis drug candidate. More details….

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