Replikun Biotech Appoints Dr. Shane Storey As Chief Executive Officer  
9/6/2006 11:17:37 AM

Brisbane, Australia, Tuesday 5th September, 2006. Australian based international immunotherapy company Replikun Biotech has today announced the appointed of Dr Shane Storey as its Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Storey brings to Replikun extensive commercial skills developed in Australia and internationally. In his most recent position he worked as an investment executive with Start-up Australia. Dr Storey brings expertise in devising strategic growth plans based on R&D and intellectual property development. Other previous positions have included: Progen Industries Ltd, Caldeon Pty Ltd and the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering, University College London.

Dr Storey also holds a PhD from University College London, and a Master of Business Administration from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Dr Nick Samaras, Chairman of Replikun Biotech said, “We are very pleased to have appointed Dr Storey to lead the Replikun team. Dr Storey is ideally credentialed to lead Replikun's strategy of business partnering and product pipeline development. Dr Storey’s impressive track record in IP management makes him an ideal candidate to manage Replikun’s significant patent portfolio around the KUNrep Systems® vector technology and first clinical candidate the KUN-GMCSF cancer vaccine.

“I am delighted to be joining Replikun at it most exciting phase of growth. Replikun is building vaccines with capabilities the world has not seen before – it’s an incredible opportunity. I was particularly attracted to the company’s vision to make the Kunjin Replicon® technology the “Intelinside” of all modern vaccines and immunotherapies.” Dr Shane Storey said. Replikun commenced operations in 2005 and is building an immunotherapy business based on its internal products for oncology and infectious diseases and through licensing its KUNrep SystemsTM platform technology to other vaccine and immunotherapy developers.

About Replikun Biotech: Replikun is a biotechnology company uniquely placed to develop products that prevent and treat infectious diseases and cancer. The company’s core asset is the Kunjin Replicon®, a new technology that enables two new generations of products: prophylactic vaccines against intractable infectious diseases; and therapeutic vaccines against established infections and cancer. The Kunjin Replicon® builds vaccines that fight against immune evasion – the sophisticated processes by which viruses, bacteria and cancer cells often disguise their presence and become difficult to kill. The Kunjin Replicon® is the only vaccine technology in development that combines two essential features for fighting immune evasion: potency and longevity. Replikun offers licensing and collaboration opportunities based on Kunjin Replicon® technology. Kunjin Replicon ™ and KUNrep Vaccine™ are Trademarks of Replikun Biotech Pty Limited.

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