Topera Medical Raises $25 Million  
3/19/2013 8:16:57 AM

San Diego, Calif.-based start-up Topera Medical closes a $25 million funding round for its RhythmView 3D mapping system for arrhythmia. Medical device start-up Topera Medical closed a $25 million funding round, according to federal Securities & Exchange Commission filings. The San Diego, Calif.-based startup, which came out of stealth mode at the Heart Rhythm Society meeting last year, has FDA 510(k) clearance for its RhythmView 3D mapping system, which treats patients with cardiac rhythm disorders by targeting treatment on electrical "hot spots" in the heart. he company closed the recent round on Friday, March 15th. The names of the investors were not listed on the filing. Last July, Topera released results from its Confirm trial in which researchers said they were able to "shut down atrial fibrillation or very significantly slowed it in 86% of patients in an average of only 2.5 minutes," according to a press release.