SFL Announces New Training Courses on EU Medical Devices and Combination Products Regulations  
3/11/2013 12:21:01 PM

SFL is pleased to announce two upcoming training courses, each of which can be booked separately, that will provide a comprehensive overview of the EU Medical Devices and Combination Products regulations. These courses, which will be held in Basel, Switzer land, are ideal for both experienced professionals and newcomers in medtech, pharma or related life science industries. They aim to improve participant understanding of and compliance with the current medical devices directives and anticipated changes.

On Tuesday 23 April 2013, SFL will be running its course EU Medical Device Requirements and Major Changes Ahead. This course will provide an in - depth overview of the EU medical device regulatory framework. As well as learning how to comply with current requir ements, attendees will gain insight into forthcoming changes.

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, SFL will be running its related course Regulation of Drug/Device Combination Products, Borderline Products and Companion Diagnostics – Status and Changes Ahead. Atten dees will gain insight into how drug/device combination products and companion diagnostics are regulated in the EU and the US. They will also learn how to prepare for likely upcoming changes to EU device regulations impacting combination products.

“Our tra ining courses are designed to ensure that attendees fully understand the current and upcoming changes in Medical Devices and Combination Products requirements and how they can implement suitable compliance measures,” commented Shayesteh Fürst - Ladani. “Our expertise in this dynamic field means that participants will gain knowledge that they can put into practice in their company's daily operations.”

As part of its holistic approach, SFL also provides specialized training courses where participants can benefi t from the team’s cross - functional expertise and learn about the basis and latest developments in Regulatory Affairs, Public Affairs, Legal Services and Medical Communications.

SFL’s training courses have been approved by the SwAPP (Swiss Association of Ph armaceutical Professionals) Commission for Professional Development and SGPM (Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine). All participants receive credits upon completion of the SFL training course.