Zyngenia Publishes New Data Demonstrating Preclinical Efficacy of its Multi-Specific Antibody Therapeutics in Treating Cancer  
3/1/2013 11:53:08 AM

Gaithersburg, MD, March 1, 2013 – Zyngenia, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing single- molecule drugs to address multi-factorial diseases such as cancer, inflammation and autoimmune disorders, announced the publication of new data on the successful engineering of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics that simultaneously target multiple disease pathways. The article, published in the March/April edition of the journal mAbs, demonstrates that Zyngenia’s therapeutics, called Zybodies™, bring new functions and clinical utility to conventional monoclonal antibodies through the incorporation of up to four additional binding specificities, while retaining the inherent activity of the parent antibody. The study concluded that Zyngenia’s multi-specific and multi-valent therapeutics have a superior efficacy profile and thus represent a new class of drugs for the simultaneous targeting of multiple pathways involved in disease promotion and progression.

Dr. David Hilbert, Chief Scientific Officer at Zyngenia, commented, “Our study defines a novel class of therapeutics that simultaneously disrupts multiple intracellular signaling pathways and, importantly, more effectively inhibits tumor cell proliferation. As compared with the parent antibodies, they showed superior efficacy in preclinical models of tumor growth.”

“These promising findings follow another recent publication from our scientific team, which demonstrated that a bi-specific antibody created with our technology displays enhanced efficacy in an in vivo model of arthritis by concomitantly targeting TNF and Ang2,” said Peter Kiener, D. Phil., President and Chief Executive Officer of Zyngenia. “Together these publications provide further validation for targeting complex diseases with a single ‘Zybody’ therapeutic. The ability to assemble multi-specific antibodies with robust stability, using conventional production methods, will enable the design of novel therapeutics that better address the complexity of human disease.”

About Zyngenia, Inc.

Zyngenia is focused on developing a new class of biotherapeutics that address the complexity of diseases by simultaneously targeting multiple biological pathways. These single-molecule drugs synergistically address multifactorial diseases such as cancer, inflammation and autoimmune disorders. The company is creating its own pipeline of multi-specific proteins to treat cancer and forming partnerships to leverage the power of its technology throughout industry.

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