Sensiq Technologies Announces Release of Next-Generation Techniques for SPR-Based Biomolecular Interaction Analysis  
2/22/2013 10:28:47 AM

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, Feb 13, 2013 -- SensiQ Technologies, Inc. announces dynamic injection SPR (diSPRTM), a major upgrade to their flagship Pioneer label-free sensing platform.

"Dynamic injection SPR (diSPRTM) provides enhanced information content, including binding affinity characterization, without requiring the time-consuming individual concentration dilutions necessary with other SPR instrumentation,” said Eric Reese, PhD, VP-Marketing for SensiQ Technologies. “With diSPR™, we obtain affinity values (KD)with a single injection. In addition, the software upgrade included with diSPR™ – Version 3.1 – delivers new capabilities focused on ease of use, workflow acceleration, and enhanced data analysis.” Dr. Reese further noted that SensiQ Technologies has already received strong customer feedback concerning new software features such as Remote Notification, which allows operators, lab managers and other personnel to receive cell phone status updates of automated, unattended instrument operation in real-time, enabling faster response times in the lab.

“SensiQ Technologies’ new diSPR™ technology is available to new or existing customers through modular hardware enhancements to the existing Pioneer platform, combined with the updated software package,” said Tom Jobe, Chief Operating Officer for SensiQ Technologies.

The Pioneer system with fully-featured diSPR™ has completed a six month beta evaluation period in the labs of key opinion leaders and is now being shipped to customers.

About SensiQ Technologies, Inc.

SensiQ Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures innovative tools for the advancement of life sciences research. SensiQ Technologies offers a suite of instruments and platforms for biomolecular interaction analysis using Label-Free Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technologies. Additional information is available on the company’s website at: