ValveXchange Adds Management for Commercialization Phase  
2/6/2013 9:22:34 AM

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ValveXchange® is pleased to announce the appointment of current Chairman of the Board, Mr. John Parrish as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Duane Knight as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Larry Blankenship, current President and CEO since the company’s establishment as a Delaware C Corporation in late 2007, announced the changes as part of the natural evolution of the company into commercialization. Mr. Blankenship said, “My expertise is focused on early company activities including building the company, funding it, developing the product and manufacturing capabilities through product approval, ready for sales to begin. Mr. Parrish’s background has focused on commercialization of new products. So this transition is appropriate now as ValveXchange is completing requirements for CE marking of its new Vitality™ heart valve and preparing for market launch in Europe near the end of this calendar year.”