XenoPort, Inc. (XNPT) Announces New Employment Inducement Award  
2/5/2013 10:40:47 AM

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--XenoPort, Inc. (Nasdaq: XNPT) reported today that equity awards were made to two new employees subject to the terms and conditions of the XenoPort 2010 Inducement Award Plan. The employees were granted stock options to purchase an aggregate of 150,000 shares of XenoPort's common stock and restricted stock units representing an aggregate of 10,000 shares of XenoPort’s common stock. The stock options have a per share exercise price of $8.41, the closing trading price of XenoPort’s common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market on the February 1, 2013 grant date. The stock options have a ten-year term and vest over four years, with 25% cliff vesting on the first anniversary of the employee’s date of hire and 1/48th of the options vesting monthly thereafter. The restricted stock units vest in four equal annual installments on anniversaries of the February 1, 2013 grant date. The equity awards were approved by the independent compensation committee of XenoPort’s board of directors and were granted as an inducement material to the new employees entering into employment with XenoPort in accordance with Nasdaq Market Place Rule 5635(c)(4).