Researchers Concerned About BIOTRONIK's Biosolve System  
2/1/2013 8:33:19 AM

Biotronik, a medical device manufacturer based in Germany, received mixed reviews from researchers for its Dreams absorbable drug-eluting stent. Early findings at the company showed positive results for the novel absorbable metal stent, but some researchers feel that the device has limited efficacy. According to an article published in the Lancet, a British medical journal, the device isn’t up to par with some of its rivals. In the article, researchers wrote that “further iterations of the device will need to be designed to improve efficacy.” In its clinical trial, the Dreams absorbable metal stent was proven safe 12 months after insertion. Of the 46 patients with coronary artery lesions, none experienced death or scaffold-related thrombotic events following surgery. While lesion failure rates at six months were similar to other drug-eluting stents on the market, results fell short when compared to a bioabsorbable stent by Abbott. Abbott's stent is coated with a different type of drug.