Antitope and Rottapharm/Madaus AG Complete Successful Immunogenicity Assessment Research Collaboration  
1/31/2013 11:00:24 AM

Cambridge UK, January 2013 - Antitope Ltd., UK ("Antitope") today announced the completion of a research collaboration with Rottapharma Biotech Srl, the Antibody Research Unit of the Italian healthcare company Rottapharm|Madaus, whereby Antitope applied is proprietary EpiScreenTM and in silico iTopeTM/TCEDTM technologies to profile the immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies as a part of Rotapharm Biotech Srl research and development program in the field of musculoskeletal disorders.

"We are delighted to have been part of Rottapharma|Madaus's drug development program" said Dr Matthew Baker. Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Antitope adding, "our technologies have assisted Rottapharma|Madaus in pre-cinical assessment of lead compounds for potential immunogenicity."

About Antitope

Antitope Ltd. is a privately-held Cambridge UK-based biotechnology company specialising in immunogenicity testing and the engineering of therapeutic antibodies/proteins with reduced immunogenicity. Antitope’s proprietary EpiScreen™ technology enables preclinical analysis of the potential for immunogenicity of therapeutic antibodies and proteins. Antitope's proprietary Composite Human Antibody™ and Composite Protein™ technologies result in the generation of proteins and humanised antibodies devoid of T cell epitopes. Antitope has established multiple commercial relationships with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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About Rottapharm | Madaus

Rottapharm's long history of success began in 1961 with the creation of an independent research laboratory. From then on, the company has always invested on research, development and worldwide distriibution of new products in the field of pharmaceutics, para-pharmaceutics and nutraceutics. After acquiring German multinational Madaus Pharma, the Italian group is among the first pharamecutical companies on a national and European basis, with a presence in over 85 countries worldwide. For more information please visit or contact:

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