Novozymes Biopharma Aligns Recombinant Human Albumin Portfolio With New Brand Name  
1/29/2013 10:27:43 AM

NOTTINGHAM, UK – January 14, 2013 – Novozymes Biopharma, part of Novozymes A/S world leader in bioinnovation, today announced the introduction of a new brand and visual identity for its recombinant human albumin (rAlbumin) portfolio. As part of the rebrand, Novozymes will bring both of the company’s rAlbumin products under its well- established Recombumin® brand. Albucult will be renamed Recombumin Alpha, while Recombumin will now be known as Recombumin Prime in order to better synchronize the company’s product offering and create clarity for customers.

The newly announced changes are purely to the brand and visual identity of Novozymes rAlbumins. Customers can be reassured that the products themselves, as well as the product codes, will remain exactly the same. As part of the rebrand customers will see the changes reflected on both marketing materials and product labeling.

The molecule in Novozymes’ two rAlbumin products is identical in respect of amino acid sequence and protein structure. They are both expressed in Novozymes’ proprietary Saccharomyces host and are manufactured in compliance with ICH Q7 cGMP guidelines. The products’ physicochemical properties and customer applications are essentially identical and the name change has been introduced to allow Novozymes to market these two albumins under a single family name.

Novozymes’ rAlbumins provide a secure supply of batch-to-batch consistent materials and are supported by a strongly documented safety package and drug master file. With excellent purity profiles and offering an established pathway through the regulatory approval process, the products have earned a strong reputation in the industry for helping customers to facilitate the safe and successful commercialization of new products.

“Novozymes is delighted to announce that it is synchronizing the branding of its rAlbumin products under the Recombumin family name to enhance the clarity of the company’s product offering, while still providing customers with the same superior solutions”, says Dermot Pearson, Marketing Director, Novozymes Biopharma. He continues, “Since we launched our rAlbumins the portfolio has gone from strength- to-strength helping Novozymes to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.”

Novozymes’ rAlbumins are compliant with the National Formulary (NF) rAlbumin human monograph published by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and have been optimized to deliver stable, safe and regulatory compliant ingredients for the medical device, drug delivery and formulation markets. Manufactured without animal-derived materials the products can be used in a wide-range of applications including stabilization of drugs and vaccines, device coating, advanced cell therapy products, and in sealants and hemostats.

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