Alitair Announces Issuance of Patent Covering its Safer Formulation of Benzonatate  
1/24/2013 9:12:27 AM

MORRISTOWN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alitair Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an early stage pharmaceutical company focused on respiratory health, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 8,357,398. This is the second patent issued to the Company for its groundbreaking ion exchange resin drug delivery technology, REA™. This newest patent covers Alitair’s ion exchange resin formulation of benzonatate and includes specific claims for reducing or eliminating the choking hazard associated with conventional liquid benzonatate formulations. Benzonatate is the only non-narcotic prescription cough product available today, but the choking hazard associated with liquid formulations of benzonatate limits its use.