Hamilton Robotics VANTAGE™ Robotic Workstation Released to Early-Access Customers  
1/14/2013 11:25:09 AM

January 13, 2013 -- After years of research and development, Hamilton Robotics is releasing its XRP prototype to the marketplace as the Hamilton VANTAGE™. Hamilton’s newest liquid handler offers many benefits to satisfy a broad range of customers and applications. The fully enclosed platform features contact-free NanoPulse™ pipetting technology covering a large volume range (100 nL – 1 mL). Resource-optimized, dynamic scheduling software increases workflow efficiency, while advanced labware detection, identification, and verification provide complete system and sample traceability. The vertically integrated VANTAGE system maximizes space through innovative, high-capacity tip and plate shuttling from below the pipetting deck. Efficient, flexible transportation via a telescoping gripper and below-deck third-party device integration also help minimize the footprint and support the modular and expandable system architecture. Finally, wireless tablets with multi-touch capabilities serve as virtual workspaces for remote access and location-free monitoring of the VANTAGE system, increasing walk-away time and productivity.

The Hamilton VANTAGE platform now being sold to early-access customers and is scheduled to launch globally in the autumn of 2013. For more information, please contact a local sales manager.

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