PneumaCare Loses CEO  
1/4/2013 8:38:50 AM

Ward Hills, chief executive of PneumaCare, is leaving to pursue other entrepreneurial interests with startups in the UK and abroad. Bill Mason, chairman of the city-based respiratory monitoring medical device company, said: "Ward has had an outstanding track record at PneumaCare and accomplished a great deal for the business and its investors. “This includes taking the reins of the company early on its history and steering it through a difficult but exciting period of funding, product development, regulatory approvals and in 2012, the first distribution and sales in the clinical environment. A key part of this has been gaining CE mark approval for our first two products, setting the foundation for FDA approvals which are expected in early 2013. “Ward has demonstrated his considerable ability to work successfully with early stage companies and will continue doing this in the future. This is where his heart lies, and where his skill set is well suited to leading companies through their sometimes very difficult earliest stages.