Warner Instruments Release: Stage Top Incubator System Designed to Control Temperature, Humidity and CO2/O2 Gas Concentration  
12/17/2012 2:05:17 PM

December 17, 2012 -- Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce the Okolab Bold Line Stage Top Incubator system for Live-Cell Imaging.

Features Include:

• Ideal for longitudinal studies of cell cultures

• Easy to use touch screen interface

• Superior performance with tremendous operational flexibility

This system is a complete apparatus designed to provide precise control of the parameters essential for creating an environment that is as close as possible to the conditions within a living organism.

The combined action of temperature controller, gas mixer, and humidifier acting on the stage-top chamber will ensure that your specimen feels…at home.

Add an optional Smart Box and you have the ability to control and monitor system performance via any web enabled device.

A complete system is comprised of the following components:

• Incubation chamber with chamber insert

• Multichannel temperature controller

• Gas controller (CO2, O2, or CO2/O2)

• Air Pump (optional)

• Humidity module

• Touch screen interface

• Smart box (optional)

Warner Instruments is the Authorized Distributor for Okolab products in the US.

Warner Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences.

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