Datatrial's Dr. Emma Banks Selected to Join Bionow Strategic Advisory Board  
12/13/2012 11:48:57 AM

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, x December 2012—Chief executive officer Dr. Emma Banks of Datatrial, a boutique clinical data organization, has accepted an invitation to join the Strategic Advisory Board of Bionow, a life science membership organization focused on the North of England.

Following a recent merger with the Centre of Excellence for Life Sciences Ltd (Cels), Bionow is expanding its geographic footprint. As a result, chief executive officer Geoff Davison, PhD, and his colleagues were intent on ensuring that the Strategic Advisory Board reflected that focus, while also pursuing a cross-section of the organization’s membership with regard to subsector, organization type and size—which led Bionow to Dr. Banks.

“Working with our Northeast-based colleagues, we identified Datatrial as one of the leading SMEs in the Northeast, as well as a leader in the clinical trials arena nationally and internationally,” said Davison. “This, added to Emma being recognized as a standout individual in the sector, meant that we were honored and extremely grateful when Emma agreed to join our Strategic Advisory Board.”

As part of the Strategic Advisory Board, Dr. Banks will be tasked with reviewing and commenting on overall Bionow strategy as well as offering advice pertaining to strategic partners and new services. She will also be in position to lend guidance to the Board of Directors regarding future direction and operational plans for the organization.

“The regional focus of Bionow, combined with the caliber of individuals on the board and in the membership, made it an easy decision to accept this offer,” said Dr. Banks. “I look forward to contributing to the important efforts undertaken by Bionow at present and in the future.”

About Datatrial

Datatrial is a boutique clinical data organization that provides the reliability of a big company, but the personalized service and flexibility of a more nimble provider. With more than 10 years of experience, we can design and deliver your study with insight and expertise, whether you want it conducted in paper or through our own innovative eClinical technologies. We offer thorough data management and bio-statistical services, as well as a suite of bespoke software, consulting and training options. Through our exceptional service delivery and a deep understanding of data best practices, we make clinical studies less of a trial.

For more information about Datatrial, please visit You can also follow us on Twitter (@Datatrial) and subscribe to our DataBridge blog to stay updated on industry issues.

About Bionow

Bionow is a membership organization based in Manchester, England, that provides a range of specialist business support activities and services to biomedical businesses in the North of England. From networking to partnering to business development, the company seeks to connect businesses to academics, clinicians and other skilled staff. Further information about Bionow, its membership and its mission can be found at

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