Compugen Ltd. (CGEN) Presents at American Association of Cancer Research Special Conference on Tumor Immunology  
12/4/2012 10:57:53 AM

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Speaking today at the American Association of Cancer Research Special Conference on Tumor Immunology in Miami, Florida, Dr. Ofer Levy, Senior Scientist at Compugen Ltd., presented data supporting the therapeutic potential of CGEN-15001T and CGEN-15022, proteins discovered by Compugen, as immune checkpoint targets for cancer immunotherapy. This prestigious conference features talks by key opinion leaders, invited to discuss new findings in the field of tumor immunology. Presentations cover both basic and translational research, highlighting rapidly developing advances in this breakthrough approach to cancer treatment. CGEN-15001T and CGEN-15022 are both membrane proteins which were predicted and validated by Compugen as novel B7/CD28-like immune checkpoint candidates. Such checkpoint proteins are expressed on the surface of cancer cells and other cells within the tumor microenvironment, and their negative immune activities protect the tumor from being attacked by the immune system. Both Compugen targets have shown robust inhibitory activity in different assays of T cell activation, and in his talk, Dr. Levy presented some of these findings. The robust inhibitory activities of these novel immune checkpoints, which were previously demonstrated using each target's extracellular domain fused to an Fc antibody fragment, have now also been shown for the targets’ native membrane forms, which is an important finding for antibody targets.