Mobile Health Startup, QUICK Sees Opportunities for Salivary Diagnostic Platform for Diabetics, Cancer  
11/16/2012 8:32:53 AM

A mobile health startup co-founded by emergency room physicians is developing a liquid- based diagnostics platform. The tests would use saliva and, in some cases, urine for rapid, noninvasive tests that could transform the way diabetics monitor ketone levels, how chemotherapy levels for cancer patients are measured, along with alcohol and marijuana detection. Dr. Ron Clark, the co-founder of QUICK, told MedCity News in a phone interview that he came up with the idea to develop a smartphone diagnostic last year, based on how frequently he was using his smartphone for various tasks around the Hospital of Central Connecticut. Colleague and co-founder Dr. David Mucci developed the diagnostic platform that uses chemistry ad physics to measure concentrations of substances in liquids. They have since added a patent lawyer and financial executive and are working with companies across the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries. The nine month old startup’s name reflects the speed the company says its diagnostic results can be determined.