IMRIS Moving to Twin Cities, Asking 129 Workers to Relocate  
11/13/2012 7:40:53 AM

IMRIS Inc., a maker of MRI-guided surgical systems, is moving its operations in Winnipeg to the Twin Cities, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. The publicly-traded company, which generates about $47 million in annual revenue, already has marketing and regulatory affairs employees in the Twin Cities. It will now ask about half of its 129 employees based in Winnipeg to relocate, the newspaper reported. IMRIS’ employees in Winnipeg focus on manufacturing, research and development, customer service and administration. The company’s CEO, David Graves, said in a conference call with investors that the move will put it closer to med-tech talent and its customers, the paper reported. “[In Minneapolis the company can] access a large pool of talented personnel, a qualified ecosystem of partners, and suppliers who understand costs, quality and the regulatory needs of the medical device market that is right in the middle of our largest customer market.”