IntegenX Announces Issuance of Key Patent for Ambient Temperature Storage of DNA and RNA  
11/9/2012 11:19:40 AM

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IntegenX reported today that the USPTO has issued U.S. Patent # 8,283,165 to Mike Hogan, Ph.D., and GenVault Corporation, a subsidiary of IntegenX Inc. This is a fundamental patent covering formulations to create a dry state matrix for ambient temperature preservation of RNA and DNA. While significant advances in high-throughput sequencing have been made in recent years, technologies for sample storage and transport have not enjoyed the same breakthroughs. IntegenX provides GenTegra® DNA and GenTegra RNA as chemical matrices that protect samples from hydrolysis, oxidation and microbial destruction. The GenTegra products allow scientists to collect, transport and store their samples indefinitely and safely at ambient temperatures. Further, GenTegra has been shown to protect DNA and RNA at temperature extremes — from -80 °C to 76 °C — that might be encountered during unrefrigerated shipping.