ForeignExchange Translations Announces Contract Placement Services  
11/6/2012 9:43:42 AM

Newton, MA, November 6, 2012 – ForeignExchange Translations today announced it is offering contract placement services to its medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech customers. For the past several years, ForeignExchange has provided on-site contractors to a select group of clients who requested help. ForeignExchange Translations President, Andres Heuberger explains: "In response to this growing need and the enthusiastic response from our customers, we have set up a Contract Placement Services business unit."

The new business unit will have the same life science focus as the translation business. “This truly is our area of expertise. We know the industry, the people, and the processes,” says Solutions Development Manager, Jason Arnsparger. “We are uniquely qualified to recognize the right people and manage them to seamlessly integrate into our client’s corporate culture.”

The primary disciplines for which ForeignExchange will staff include: technical or medical writing, packaging and labeling, regulatory affairs, localization project management, and more. “We are hands-on with our people, meeting with them regularly along with regular client meetings to ensure expectations are being met,” states Arnsparger. “As in our medical translation business, we train our contract staff to make every effort to bring process improvement and innovative thinking to the table, not just keep their chairs warm.”

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