GI Dynamics Announces First Clinical Study to Demonstrate Improvement in Weight Loss and Co-morbid Conditions Following EndoBarrier™ Re-implantation  
10/22/2012 9:47:33 AM

EXINGTON, Mass. & AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GI Dynamics, Inc. (ASX: GID) today announced the first study evaluating the long-term benefits and safety of re-implanting EndoBarrierĀ® to extend weight loss benefits for three years. Data suggest EndoBarrier may be re-implanted approximately one year after completion of the initial treatment period, which may help obese people experience additional weight loss, long-term weight loss maintenance and improvement in other co-morbid conditions, including cholesterol, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose (FPG), a key measure of blood sugar levels used to diagnose diabetes.