FAB'ENTECH Launches a Phase I Clinical Trial in Singapore for Its New Product Against H5N1 Avian Influenza  
10/15/2012 9:57:54 AM

LYON, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fab’entech, a French biopharmaceutical company specialized in developing specific polyclonal immunoglobulins against emerging infectious diseases announces that the company is launching its first clinical trial in humans for its product against the H5N1 Avian Influenza virus. If promising results from animal testing are confirmed, these immunoglobulins may provide a new specific approach for the treatment of subjects infected by or exposed to the H5N1 virus. This approach is based on passive immunotherapy which consists in injecting patients with specific antibodies (immunoglobulins) capable of recognizing, targeting and neutralizing the virus. Based on an already validated and well-established production process at industrial scale, Fab’entech is able to provide highly purified immunoglobulins to neutralize the virus.