Progenra, Inc.'s Novel USP7 Inhibitors are Shown to Exert Multiple Anti-Tumor Effects  
10/8/2012 10:09:45 AM

MALVERN, PA.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Researchers at Progenra, Inc. announce the advanced online publication of the article “Selective Dual Inhibitors of the Cancer-related Deubiquitylating Proteases USP7 and USP47” (Weinstock, J. et al, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters). The new article presents evidence of a therapeutic benefit resulting from dual inhibition of USP7 and a related enzyme, USP47. Additionally, data presented in this publication amplify the recent work published by Progenra and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, showing that the parent compound of this series blocks USP7 activity in cells and exhibits antitumor activity in bortezomib-resistant myeloma models (Chauhan et al., Cancer Cell 22 (2012), 345-358).