FDA & Compounders: More Oversight Needed?  
10/5/2012 8:03:54 AM

Over the past two years, compounded medications have figured in two highly controversial episodes. In one instance, Roche attempted to prevent ophthalmologists from using its older Avastin med for treating wet macular degeneration when its newer and more expensive Lucentis is the only approved treatment. The drugmaker has claimed that rejiggered vials of Avastin pose a safety risk (read here and here). In another, KV Pharmaceutical caused a huge ruckus by initially charging $1,500 for its Makena premature birth drug and trying to use its FDA approval under the Orphan Drug Act to prevent compounding pharmacies, which charged a fraction of the price, from competing. The move outraged physicians, among others, who maintained the compounded versions were safe and kept a lid on rising healthcare costs.