InDevR Announces Custom Arrays for ampliPHOX┬« and Other Detection Platforms  
9/25/2012 9:16:13 AM

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - September 25, 2012) -

InDevR, a privately-held company developing innovative life science instrumentation, announced the availability of custom arrays created to specific customer requirements. Flexible array placement, printing of capture agents and up to 850 unique oligos per array are available and compatible with InDevR's ampliPHOX® and other detection systems.

Until today, users of ampliPHOX provided their own microarrays for analysis, but custom nucleic acid and protein chips can now be ordered directly from InDevR to support research needs. "We felt it was important to get the ampliPHOX instrument and reagents out to the research community and empower the use of low density microarrays at dramatically lower costs and faster processing times than fluorescence-based approaches, so long as they had access to content," stated InDevR's Vice President of Commercial Operations, Dr. Michael Artinger. "Now, the availability of arrays created per customer specifications is the ideal complement to the ampliPHOX product portfolio."

The ampliPHOX Colorimetric Detection Technology, which consists of the ampliPHOX Reader instrument and a line of consumables, is an inexpensive alternative to fluorescence detection for both nucleic acid and protein microarray applications. The detection technology is easy to use and can be completed within minutes. The reagents are applied to the array, and the Reader then uses light to induce polymerization on low-density microarrays, images the resulting pattern of visual spots, automatically interprets the image, and provides the user with immediate results.

According to Dr. Beatriz Quiñones of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service-Western Regional Research Center, "After evaluating the ampliPHOX colorimetric technology, my lab no longer uses expensive fluorescent dyes for detection of pathogens with DNA microarrays. The low cost of the ampliPHOX reagents in conjunction with the simplicity and rapidness of this colorimetric assay has allowed us to increase the number of bacterial isolates to be genotyped with DNA microarrays. We are now getting in a several hours the results that took us days to obtain with our previous assays." To learn more about ampliPHOX and Custom Arrays, please visit or register for our upcoming webinar at InDevR Webinars.

About InDevR
InDevR develops breakthrough life science instrumentation and assays for scientists and researchers, with a primary focus on the issues associated with virus quantification and pathogen detection. InDevR's lead product is a flow cytometer called the ViroCyt 2100® Virus Counter®, which has been optimized to rapidly quantify micro-organisms in applications such as vaccine manufacturing, drug development, water quality monitoring and other areas important to human health. InDevR's ampliPHOX is an innovative new colorimetric detection system that makes the power of lower density microarrays available to a broad range of researchers developing both nucleic acid and protein multiplexed assays. For more information, please visit

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