Ovizio and Applikon Biotechnology Sign a Long Term Global Marketing and Distribution Agreement  
9/21/2012 10:43:53 AM

September 21, 2012, Brussels, Belgium and Schiedam, The Netherlands -- Ovizio Imaging Systems and Applikon Biotechnology jointly announce today the signing of a long term worldwide marketing and distribution agreement for an innovative device using a proprietary imaging technology in microscopy.

As part of the agreement, Applikon will globally market the innovative and integrated solution, developed by Ovizio that combines 4D microscopic imaging with the Applikon bioreactor systems. This new device will ofer automated on-line information on cell density, cell viability and morphologic state of the cells.

“Applikon and Ovizio have a common vision of the potential of optical image analysis in bioprocessing” said Erik Kakes, Commercial Director of Applikon Biotechnology. "We feel that using optical 4D image analysis for determination of biomass concentration and viability is only the ?rst step in applying this revolutionary technology to the bioprocess industry", he added.

“We are absolutely delighted to partner with a company having such an in-depth knowledge of the market and strong reputation within the Bioprocess industry”, said Philip Mathuis, CEO of Ovizio. “We believe that quantitative imaging as a new Process Analytical Technology (PAT) applied to on-line bioreactor monitoring will allow Biopharma customers to improve process knowledge, quality and productivity in their R&D, Pilot and Production environments.”

The new device will be jointly presented at the next “Het Instrument” Amsterdam, exhibition on 26 September 2012.

About Applikon Biotechnology B.V.

Applikon Biotechnology BV (Schiedam, Netherlands) is a privately owned leading supplier of bioreactor systems for the pharmaceutical and the biotechnological market. We specialize in novel technologies in cultivation systems, measurement and control for the biopharmaceutical industry. In the past years, Applikon Biotechnology has built up a broad portfolio of unique bioprocessing devices for both cell culture and microbial cultivation, and this has considerably set us apart from the competition. We are de?nitely a step ahead.

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About Ovizio Imaging Systems NV/SA

Ovizio is a spin-of company of the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB). The company designs, develops and markets 4-D quantitative imaging systems and sensors based on patented Digital Holographic Microscopy with a primary focus on the Life Science Research, Biotechnology and Bioprocessing industry.

Ovizio’s platform technology uni?es real-time quantitative imaging with speed and a label-free, non-invasive approach. Our advanced devices generate high quality holographic images ideal for studying dynamic phenomena, breaking the barriers between the traditional speed of ?ow cytometry and the resolution of classical microscopy.

Ovizio is a privately held company situated in Brussels, Belgium. For additional information, visit

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Philip Mathuis

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