3D Biomatrix Launches 96-Well Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plate for 3D Cell Culture  
9/11/2012 11:52:32 AM

September 11, 2012 -- 3D Biomatrix, a leader in three-dimensional (3D) cell culture products, is pleased to announce today the launch of the 96-well Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plates, which allow researchers to form and test reproducible 3D cell cultures in a 96-well format.

The unique design of the Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates simplifies and streamlines spheroid formation, culture, and subsequent testing of the 3D cellular constructs without the aid of coatings or matrices. Spheroid cultures grown in Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates allow researchers to easily mimic tissue metabolic and proliferative gradients, capture complex cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions, conduct co-cultures, and monitor cell growth easily and regularly. Media and compounds can be added or removed from the top of the plate without requiring new equipment, and spheroids can be harvested for analysis.

Spheroid formation is controllable and easy with Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates. Users simply pipet a cell suspension into each channel; the channel shape causes the drop to securely hang from the bottom of the well. As cells do not contact any surfaces, they aggregate into a spheroid. One spheroid forms per well, and the spheroid diameter is controlled by the cell type and number of cells added to each well.

“Researchers need biologically-relevant 3D tools, and they expect these tools to be as straightforward and cost-effective as possible,” stated 3D Biomatrix CEO Laura Schrader. “Because our new 96-well Hanging Drop Plates are easy to use, low cost, and provide a true 3D environment that mimics that of the body, we believe the scientific community will enthusiastically embrace the launch of our new 96-well Hanging Drop Plates to advance their research,” she said.

Information about the Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates can be found on the 3D Biomatrix website.

About 3D Biomatrix

3D Biomatrix is a life sciences company developing and marketing revolutionary solutions for three dimensional (3D) cell cultures. Cells grown with 3D Biomatrix products have been shown to retain a much higher complexity of body response than cells grown in traditional two-dimensional plates and flasks.