Sarepta Therapeutics (Formerly known as AVI BioPharma, Inc.) (SRPT) Moves From Seattle to Boston for the Talent  
9/7/2012 8:02:14 AM

Just when it looked like Seattle might be getting another emerging biotech company in Sarepta Therapeutics, it has picked up and moved East. Sarepta (NASDAQ: SRPT), the company formerly known as AVI Biopharma, has moved its headquarters from Bothell, WA, to Cambridge, MA, CEO Chris Garabedian said yesterday in a phone interview. The company currently has about 110 employees, with about 40 in Bothell and the rest in Cambridge and Corvallis, OR. Sarepta hasn’t made a final decision about what to do with its Bothell site, but Garabedian says the company’s lease expires near the end of 2012 and Bothell staff are being evaluated and may be offered transfers to one of the two other locations.