Diagnostic BioSystems Introduces Two New Histology Staining Kits  
8/8/2012 10:29:29 AM

August 08, 2012 -- Diagnostic BioSystems offers a broad range of special stains that allow for the study and analysis of structure and function in biological tissues and cells. DBS Special Stain Kits have been optimized for fast performance, ease of use, and provide highest accuracy. We are pleased to introduce two new special stains to our existing portfolio of histology kits:

Papanicoloau Stain-The Papanicolaou (PAP) Stain Kit enables to differentiate between a variety of cells in vaginal smears hence aiding in the detection of vaginal, uterine and cervical cancer. In addition, this kit is also valuable for staining a variety of other bodily secretions and cell smears.

Picro-Sirius Red Stain Kit-The Picro-Sirius Red Stain Kit (For Collagen) is intended for use in the histological visualization of collagen I and III fibers in addition to muscle in tissue sections. The PSR stain may be viewed using standard light microscopy or polarized light resulting in birefringence of the collagen fibers to distinguish between type I and type III.

Evaluation samples are available upon request