AnaSpec, Inc. Highlights Speedy 28-Day Custom Polyclonal Antibody  
7/23/2012 12:51:33 PM

Fremont CA – July 23, 2012 -- When traditional protocols can take 70+ days, the wait for high-quality custom polyclonal antibodies can be excruciating. AnaSpec, EGT Group asked, "Is there a way to develop custom antibodies faster without sacrificing quality in the finished product?" Here's the answer.

The Speedy 28-day custom polyclonal antibody protocol uses a proprietary mixture of Freund's free immuno-stimulatory compounds. Antibodies can be raised against peptide sequences consisting of standard, phosphorylated, methylated or acetylated amino acids. Bleed is guaranteed to have a titer of at least 1/125,000 for one of the immunized rabbits.

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