Immune Response BioPharma Announces Formulation Changes to Blockbuster RA Drug RAVAX  
6/25/2012 10:56:09 AM

PRLog (Press Release) - Jun 25, 2012 - Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. Today, June 25th 2012, Announces Formulation Changes to Blockbuster RA Drug RAVAX Adds 4th Peptide for Potent RA Vaccine.

IRBP recognizes the need for safer and more tolerable yet effective Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments and adds a fourth TCR Poly-Peptide VB 12.1 to the RAVAX vaccine formulation, as it encompasses over 66% of patient gene types with RA. One of out five patient samples sequenced represented VB 12.1 thus we will add this important polypeptide; Human VB 12.1 DGYSVSRSKTEDFLL 66.7% will help us tweak the vaccine to show greater efficacy in the clinic. The new RAVAX encompasses Poly-Peptides BV 3, BV 14, BV 17 & BV 12.1.

IRBP believes RAVAX is a first in class and best in class Rheumatoid Arthritis drug that can become treatment of choice for RA patients with under 10 years of diagnosed RA disease. "We are excited about the potential for RAVAX and our newly announced Phase 3 head to head clinical trial RAVAX vs. Humira or Rituxan coupled with Estrogen as 70% of patients are women. IRBP expects improved results showing RAVAX can become a blockbuster treatment for RA. We are actively seeking a funding partner to drive this unique and wonderful treatment to the finish line and FDA approval" IRBP CEO Mr. David Buswell

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Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. develops lifesaving drugs and therapeutic vaccines in the auto-immune, infectious disease areas. The company's proprietary pipeline includes first in class treatments Remune for AIDS, NeuroVax for MS, RAVAX for RA and Sepsicillin for Sepsis Shock. Immune Response BioPharma, Inc. was incorporated in 2011 and is based in New York, New York.