New BTX Electrofusion System  
6/20/2012 10:37:08 AM

June 20, 2012 -- The Hybrimune® is an advanced cell fusion system capable of delivering variable AC pulse frequencies which utilizes patented technology to enhance the alignment of cells in large volumes; up to 9 mls of cells can be fused in one run. Researchers performing monoclonal antibody production can achieve the highest efficiencies in large volume throughputs (up to 180 million cells fused in milliseconds); yielding 10–20X more antigen-specific clones compared to PEG.

• Electrofusion generates hybridoma lines secreting mAbs with high binding specificity & biological activity2

• Efficiencies are 10X higher than PEG1

• Hybrimune System offers optimized and reproducible protocols

• 2 ml and 9 ml chambers enable scalable throughputs

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