credentis ag, FHNW and the University of Basel Obtain Project Support From the Swiss National Fonds SN  
6/19/2012 10:03:34 AM

June, 19th 2012 -- The project support from the Swiss Nation Fonds of total 243’000 CHF enables the research partners to investigate the process of peptide self-assembly with already established research technologies, both in vitro and in vivo. In collaboration with the research groups of Prof. Dr. Uwe Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) and Prof. Bert Müller (University of Basel) the crystal structure, the structure-density and orientation of the peptide matrix will be analysed and optimised for the application in future products.

About Curodont™ and Self-Assembling Peptides

Curodont™ is based on the patented “Self-Assembling Peptide”- technology. The technology enables the formation of a three-dimensional matrix in an almost closed environment. The matrix itself can then act as a scaffold for tissue regeneration, e.g. the formed matrix enables de-novo formation of Calciumphosphate crystals within an initial carious lesions.

Curodont™, with its main component the self-assembling peptide P11-4, is the first product market approval of credentis (CE-label).

Curodont™ provides dentists with a novel technology to regenerate rather than repair carious and similar tooth decay. Applied to an initial carious lesion, Curodont™ forms a scaffold of small fibres within the lesion. Around these fibres new enamel or dentin can form and grow. Ideally, within several weeks, the lesion will regenerate without the use of a burr or filler.

About credentis ag

credentis ag has its headquarters in the Technopark Aargau Switzerland, Windisch; the Start-up was voted #33 of Top Swiss Startups 2011 and was one of the Swiss Venture Leaders 2011.

CEO Dominik Lysek and CTO Michael Hug have expert knowledge in medicinal technology and a strong network in the dental industry. Dr. Werner Berner (member of the board) and Dr. Erich Platzer (chairman of the board), both members of the StartAngels Network, perfectly complement the know-how of the management and contribute to the success of the young company with their expert industry knowledge.