Cobra Biologics Ltd. and Alligator Bioscience Sign Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Agreement  
6/12/2012 6:28:33 AM

June 12, 2012 -- Cobra Biologics, the international clinical and commercial manufacturer of biologics and pharmaceuticals and Alligator Bioscience AB today announce that they have entered into a manufacturing services and supply agreement for the production of monoclonal antibody Drug Substance and Drug Product for pre-clinical studies and Phase I-II clinical trials.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cobra will be providing cell line development through its maxXpress service, GMP cell banking, analytical and process development, scale-up, toxicology and GMP supplies, as well as stability studies and QP release for clinical trials.

Peter Coleman, CEO of Cobra Biologics said: "Having been through a rigorous selection process, we are very pleased to have been chosen by Alligator. We believe that our comprehensive service offering, right from our excellent cell line development capability through to fill/finish at our recently acquired Matfors facility (Sweden) enabled us to win this important program with Alligator in a highly competitive market place. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with Alligator Bioscience.”

Alligator will be taking advantage of Cobra’s maxXpress service, which combines the UCOE protein expression technology with the experience and expertise of Cobra Biologics’ cell line development team and the Cello™ robotic clone selection system, to enable rapid clone selection and production of the monoclonal antibody.

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About Cobra Biologics

Cobra Biologics is a leading international clinical and commercial manufacturer of biologics and pharmaceuticals with three GMP approved facilities. We offer a broad range of integrated and stand-alone development services, stretching from cell line development through to the commercial supply of investigational medicinal product. We take pride in manufacturing excellence and being a trusted provider, delivering what we promise and helping our customers to develop drugs for the benefit of patients. Cobra Biologics provides manufacturing solutions to the biologics and pharmaceutical industry covering antibodies, recombinant proteins, viruses, DNA, cellular therapeutics and small molecules.

About Alligator Bioscience AB

Alligator Bioscience discovers and develops innovative biotherapeutics for cancer. Drug discovery and development at Alligator Bioscience spans early research phases with lead identification up to proof of concept phase I/II studies in patients. Alligator Bioscience has three proprietary projects in its pipeline.

To support the discovery of drug candidates Alligator Bioscience is using its two pipeline enabling technologies: a fully human scFv antibody library (SCALA-11) and a proprietary protein optimization technology FIND® (Fragment INduced Diversity).

Alligator Bioscience is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden.

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