Crescendo Bioscience's Vectra™ DA Test Indicates Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients  
6/6/2012 11:44:17 AM

BERLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Crescendo Bioscience®, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company developing quantitative biomarker tests for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other inflammatory diseases, today announced data indicating that the Company’s multi-biomarker blood test, Vectra™ DA, may help identify patients in remission based on measuring 12 protein biomarkers that indicate the overall level of RA disease activity. Patients in remission according to the Vectra DA algorithm showed a lower observed risk of radiographic progression over the next year than those in remission according to other clinical remission criteria examined in a study. Moreover, a high Vectra DA algorithm was associated with an increased risk of joint damage progression during the next year, even in patients classified as being in remission by clinical assessment. Additional data show the use of Vectra DA can help inform treatment decisions and influence RA patient care. These, and other data, are being presented at the European League Against Rheumatism’s (EULAR) Annual European Congress of Rheumatology in Berlin, June 6-9, 2012.