Norwich Pharmaceuticals: Handling Potent Compounds Safely  
5/29/2012 11:48:03 AM

May 29, 2012 -- Norwich focuses on manufacturing potent, solid dose products, including fast dissolve and controlled release tablets, while also providing a range of analytical services in-house.

To survive in a highly competitive marketplace, all contract manufacturers must address the reality of potent compound safety. The result of improper handling of potent compounds can not only impede a drug’s release to market, but also may cause serious adverse health effects in employees who handle the drug.

Norwich’s leadership in the area of proper handling of potent compounds was recently tested when a customer presented a challenging process that required potent compound handling with the added complexity of flammable solvents. They took on the challenge and successfully designed, built and qualified a nitrogen blanketing system that provides fail-safe protection for handling hazardous compounds with solvents, which also can be leveraged in several other applications.

Norwich recognizes that protecting their customers’ drug-to-market timelines is its top priority and by proactively taking steps to prevent and control exposure, they ensured the health of their team too.