Elan Pharmaceuticals (ELN) Hoping Alzheimer's Drug Will "Transform" Firm  
5/25/2012 7:55:40 AM

Pharmaceuticals giant Elan could have a "path to market" for a new drug that would "transform" the company by the end of this year, the company said yesterday. The company, which is best known for its multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri, should have the latest data for its Alzheimer's drug Bapineuzumab, in which it has a 25pc stake in along with Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, by the middle of the year. If the drug passes those tests, Elan should be able to see a route to market for the drug, which the company has previously said would have a "transformative effect" on the business, with a value of up to $3bn (€2.4bn).