Warner Instruments Release: Stimulus Isolation Unit for Low Noise Recording Applications  
5/21/2012 11:17:33 AM

May 21, 2012 -- Warner Instruments is pleased to introduce the SIU-202 Stimulus Isolation Unit. This unit features battery power and optical coupling that isolates the stimulator from the pulse source, keeping stimulus artifacts to a minimum.

- Compatible with electrophysiological applications

- Optical coupling isolates stimulator from pulse source.

Control timing pulses with any device capable of generating a TTL level positive pulse, such as a computer with data acquisition. Eliminate all grounded connections to the SIU-202 with the optional fiber-optic converter box, or alternatively, use the standard BNC input.

Set output amplitude using a range-mode switch in conjunction with a ten-turn potentiometer to set a percentage of the selected range. The constant current output features 100 volt compliance with a LED over-voltage indicator.

The ultra low power electronics provide up to 250 hours of operation with a 2mA output setting. Additionally, a low battery light provides advanced notice of battery status.

Warner Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences.

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