BioForum Release: What is the Best R&D Team in Central Europe?  
5/10/2012 9:32:22 AM

May 10, 2012 -- Nowadays commercialization of scientific knowledge becomes a new branch of industry. Scientists are more and more conscious that their hard-earned intellectual property, besides fame in scientific world could be a source of money and a starting base for innovative business.

Connection between scientific and business world is very important. Science representatives should remember that every discovery, independently of its origin from basic or applicable science, could acquire a potential for commercialization. In turn, businessmen should be aware that usually scientists do not know exactly all laws connected with protection of intellectual property. In result, the lack of awareness on these issues can be source of mutual distrust. Because of this, both science representatives, businessmen and potential investors have do their utmost to grow efficiency of science and business cooperation to make it a source of innovative solutions and technologies useful for modern economy.

USP Life Sciences is Polish based company established in 2010. It belongs to USP Group with as a sister companies USP Zdrowie and USP Pharmacia, OTC main players on the Polish market. USP Life Sciences mission is to invest in biomedical R&D projects with a solid Intelectual Property Rights in Poland and CE countries in order to commercialize them by launching a new product and out-licensing.

During BioForum 2012 USP Life Sciences is organizing an unique competition addressed to all scientists which are business oriented and conduct an interesting R&D project. The competition promotes the R&D Teams engaged in the development of innovation in BioBusiness.

Central European R&D Teams working at Universities and Research Institutes which have patents or patent applications in the biotechnology, carry out R&D projects that aim are new products or upgrading existing ones on the market, provide the specialized research services for the companies from the BioBusiness sector, have chance for title “The best R&D team” and will be awarded by USP Life Sciences company.

The main goal of this competition is to attract scientists to business, initiate business oriented thinking which is crucial in a process of commercialization. We want to promote parthership cooperation between scientists and business in Poland. In terms of the organized competition, the basis of evaluation of R&D projects will be following guidelines: Intelectual Property value, scientific and business potential. Our Scientific Advisory Board consisted of the specialists and Chief Scientific Officer will analyze and select the most interesting Project. The award is 5000 EUR for the winner team of the Project. The winner scientific team has a unique but non-binding opportunity to start cooperation with USP Life Sciences either on this or any other R&D project, potentially interesting for the company. - says Bogdan Lang, USP Life Science CEO.

Application deadline of the R&D Team by the team leader is 11th of May 2012.

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BioForum 2012 is a strategic event for investors interested in BioBusiness. During this two day event, the most distinctive biotech & pharma companies from countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia can be met. This is what attracts investors looking for new, attractive investment opportunities, as well as sharing the passion for new, bold investment opportunity creation. The event focuses on following issues: business models in personalised medicine, biosimilars and new biotech products, and clinical and preclinical research opportunities in Central Europe. The organizer of Bio-Forum is Bio-Tech Consulting from Lodz, Poland ( The co-organizers are South Moravian Innovation Centre ( and CzechBio (

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