Simulations Plus (SLP) Releases MedChem Studio 3.0 and MedChem Designer 2.0  
5/3/2012 10:40:32 AM

LANCASTER, Calf.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Simulations Plus, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLP), a leading provider of simulation and modeling software and consulting services for pharmaceutical discovery and development, announced today the release of Version 3.0 of its MedChem Studio™ and Version 2.0 of its MedChem Designer™ cheminformatics software programs. Beta versions of these releases, along with the Company’s ADMET Predictor™ and GastroPlus™ software programs, were used for the recent design of new molecules to inhibit the malaria parasite. Most of the changes are highly technical and difficult to describe to non-chemists, but a number of them are listed below to provide a snapshot of the improvements.