Bioo Scientific Corporation Introduces Optimized Directional RNA-Seq Kits With Innovative Bias Reducing Technology  
4/26/2012 11:20:09 AM

Austin, TX -- Today Bioo Scientific announced the release of the patent pending NEXTflex™ Directional RNA-Seq Kits and Barcodes Primer Sets which provide an easy, flexible and non-biased solution for generating directional single, paired-end and multiplexed libraries from mRNA or rRNA depleted total RNA.

Using the NEXTflex Directional RNA-Seq Kit, RNA can be sequenced in the 5’-3’ and the 3’-5’ direction thus allowing for thorough and even coverage of long RNAs. Using the NEXTflex™ Directional RNA-Seq Kits, mRNA or rRNA depleted RNA is fragmented using a cationic buffer. Fragmented RNA is then dephosphorylated, followed by a kinase treatment which adds a 5’phosphate. Fragmented RNA now containing 5’phosphate and 3’hydroxyl groups are then ligated to randomized 3’ and 5’ adapters followed by first strand synthesis and amplification.

Bi-directional sequencing can be performed on the same sample by using barcodes to differentiate the different reads. While ligation based adapter addition is a hallmark of most NGS library preparations, it is well known that ligases can introduce sequence dependent bias, an un-desirable side effect. Using Bioo Scientific’s patent pending randomization technology, mixed bases are incorporated at the ends of the adapter eliminating ligase preference and its resulting bias. This technology is available in both NEXTflex™ Randomized Adapter and NEXTflex™ Randomized Reverse Adapters Sets.

According to Dr. Masoud Toloue, Director of Genomic Research at Bioo Scientific, “At Bioo Scientific we are continually looking for ways to reduce bias and increase the accuracy of next generation sequencing by optimizing traditional library preparation protocols. We’ve incorporated the NEXTflex Randomized Adapters in the NEXTflex Directional RNA-Seq Kit as a unique solution to eliminate ligation associated biases thus increasing the accuracy of transcriptome profiles.”

The NEXTflex™ Directional RNA-Seq Kits and Barcode Primers Sets are the latest addition to Bioo Scientific’s line of innovative kits for next generation sequencing library preparation.

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