Aspera Corporation's fasp™ High-speed File Transfer Technology Powers Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)'s Newly Launched Cloud-based EasyGenomics™ Bioinformatics Platform  
4/25/2012 11:44:35 AM

BOSTON, MA.—April 25, 2012—Aspera, Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed, today announced at Bio-IT World (booth #334) that BGI, the world’s largest genomics organization, is integrating Aspera’s patented fasp™ high-speed file transfer technology as an integral feature of EasyGenomics™, BGI’s latest cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) next-generation bioinformatics platform.

Handling the tremendous amount of data generated by next-generation sequencing (NGS) has become one of the biggest obstacles to fully utilizing this technology. To liberate scientists from the burden of processing the huge amount of NGS data, BGI developed EasyGenomics, a cloud-based bioinformatics solution recently introduced by BGI for NGS data. EasyGenomics provides scientists with high-speed data exchange, easy data and resource management, and point-to-click data analysis workflows, including whole genome resequencing, targeted resequencing, RNA-Seq, small RNA and De novo assembly, to make NGS analysis easier and faster. With seamless integration of the Aspera Connect Server, EasyGenomics enables global scale terabytes NGS data exchange, allowing users to fully take advantage of BGI’s well-recognized NGS analysis capabilities built in EasyGenomics.

BGI, the world’s largest genomics research institute, covers every field of genome research producing thousands of genomes a day. Legacy methods of exchanging hard drives to get data to customers and partners had proved expensive, prone to human error and overly time consuming. Pilot studies at BGI with Aspera’s patented, high-speed fasp™ transport technology had shown great success in dramatically improving delivery time, decreasing costs for partners and removing the need for shipping hard drives for sequencing data delivery. BGI is looking forward to expanding its Aspera-based data delivery service to all its customers and partners.

“Aspera is the industry standard for the transport and management of large data files produced by life sciences,” said BGI’s cloud product director Sifei He. “Aspera’s superior file transport speed, bandwidth management and reliability coupled with BGI’s newly released EasyGenomics bioinformatics platform, delivers a powerful solution for our customers and collaborators. Aspera’s flexible APIs allowed us to quickly complete system integration and provide service.” Aspera’s Connect Server enables high-speed sequencing data import/export, while fasp™ is integrated directly into the web portal using the rich APIs available through the Aspera Developer Network (ADN). The web-based Connect Server provides a file transfer framework that serves as the foundation to the website and can easily be integrated into any type of digital workflow. Built on fasp™ technology, the Connect Server delivers maximum transfer throughput over any distance and network condition with end-to-end security and exceptional bandwidth control.

“About one in three of our customers are using the Aspera SDK to integrate fasp™ into their platforms,” said John Wastcoat, vice president at Aspera. “BGI was able to integrate superior transport capabilities directly into their application, while preserving complete transparency and usability for the service.”

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About Aspera

Aspera is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world’s data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Based on its patented fasp™ protocol, Aspera software fully utilizes existing infrastructures to deliver the fastest, most predictable file-transfer experience. Aspera’s core technology delivers unprecedented control over bandwidth, complete security and uncompromising reliability. More than 1,500 organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets.

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About BGI

BGI was founded inBeijing,China, in 1999 with the mission to become a premier scientific partner for the global research community. The goal of BGI is to make leading-edge genomic science highly accessible, which it achieves through its investment in infrastructure, leveraging the best available technology, economies of scale, and expert bioinformatics resources. BGI, and its affiliates, BGI Americas, headquartered inCambridge,MA, and BGI Europe, headquartered inCopenhagen,Denmark, have established partnerships and collaborations with leading academic and government research institutions as well as global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, supporting a variety of disease, agricultural, environmental, and related applications.

BGI has a proven track record of excellence, delivering results with high efficiency and accuracy for innovative, high-profile research: research that has generated over 170 publications in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science. BGI’s many accomplishments include: sequencing one percent of the human genome for the International Human Genome Project, contributing 10 percent to the International Human HapMap Project, carrying out research to combat SARS and German deadly E. coli, playing a key role in the Sino-British Chicken Genome Project, and completing the sequence of the rice genome, the silkworm genome, the first Asian diploid genome, the potato genome, and, more recently, have sequenced the human Gut Metagenome, and a significant proportion of the genomes for the 1000 Genomes Project.

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