Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PFE) Release: The Advil® Congestion Relief Project Visits St. Louis To Expand Building Space For More Access To Local Family Social Service Program  
4/25/2012 10:46:49 AM

MADISON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As part of a nationwide effort to help communities fight congestion, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, the makers of Advil® Congestion Relief, stopped in St. Louis to help Kingdom House, a local social service provider, create space to help community needs. Currently, Kingdom House faces literal congestion; those in need are forced to discuss their challenges in a crowded area with others nearby. Not having a private area to discuss personal situations has kept area residents in need from using the services provided by Kingdom House. Due to the lack of storage space and large amount of office equipment stored in the building, there was no way to provide all clients the privacy they deserve. A $30,000 donation from Advil® Congestion Relief allows Kingdom House to clear its underutilized office space by designing and building an outdoor storage facility. The outdoor storage facility will provide congestion relief and make enough room within the building to allow residents privacy when they are seeking assistance. Kingdom House is a local social services organization that offers services including clothing, child care, food and job assistance to some of the area’s neediest families. With the congestion cleared from the building and the chance for more privacy, more area residents will feel comfortable using the services provided by the organization.